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Dual Landmine Core Trainer: New Product Review

Dual Landmine Core Trainer: New Product Review

The Dual Landmine Core Trainer is a double barrel ground-based core training tool that allows you to develop total body & core strength and power, especially via rotational exercises, for athletes of all skill levels.

The solid, easy-to-setup adjustable landmine core trainer is a must-have training tool because you can do dual-bar movements, train in 360 degrees of motion and do lots of different exercises with one or two athletes at a time.

Such as trunk rotation exercises, squats, deadlifts, lunges, rows and presses.

landmine core trainer

Make sure you use appropriate weight so you can control the action throughout the entire range of motion. Otherwise you may only reap half the benefits.

Very often, people use too much resistance. They push the weight around and then just release it on the way down.

No eccentric phase, the weights basically just drop towards the floor. Make the most out of your training time and work your way up to weights that make you look respectable.

There are only minor convenience issues when transporting the landmine core trainer because the pivoting barrels cannot be fixated.

Hence the unit can feel a bit bulky. Visually the product design is minimalistic but user friendly.

Landmine Core Trainer Quick Facts



Product Features

  • Great value (price/benefit)
  • Allows dual movements – 360 degrees
  • Easy to setup
  • Solid & stable
  • Suitable for workouts on the road
  • Product design (aesthetics)
  • A bit bulky when carrying
  • Barrels cannot be fixated
  • 360 degrees range of motion
  • 4 bar placement options
  • Small, non-skid, rubber footpads
  • 26.25lbs (12kg)
  • Dimensions: 25.5″ x 19.75″ (65cm x 50cm)
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The Dual Landmine Core Trainer is a great training tool, especially for athletes, because of the great training variety it offers.

You can do a lot of exercises with a rotational component (trunk rotation), which is essential for effective energy transfer and power output in many sports (e.g. tennis, golf, baseball, football).

The unit is not visually appealing but does its jobs very well.


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