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Leg Stretches for Beginners: 5 Post-Match Exercises

Leg Stretches for Beginners: 5 Post-Match Exercises

The leg stretches for beginners consists of 5 static stretching exercises to decrease muscle soreness the following day and improve flexibility.

The selected exercises target the major muscle groups that are being used while playing tennis and running all over the court. Therefore, you should do them regularly after each match.

For more comfort and convenience you may want to use a cushioned floor mat or towel.

Training Recommendations

You can do the leg stretches as a cool down to prepare a group of kids or adult beginners for next day’s match or training session.

Perform the stretching exercises in controlled fashion and hold each stretch for 45 seconds for maximum benefit.

If you want to experience all the benefits of the stretches then don’t just go through the motions but do them right. Moreover, this also includes breathing properly throughout if you want to get your mind right at the same time.

We also have more detailed information for you on the benefits of a proper warm up routine and 21 Dynamic Warm Up Exercises.

Since we have 5 exercises, including rest intervals, the entire stretching routine takes about 4 minutes. Download the Program!

Once you are used to the program you can you can even listen to appropriate music for mental relaxation at the same time. For example, before you get a massage after training.

Leg Stretches For Beginners Summary

Leg Stretches for Beginners
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You can click on the respective leg stretches to get more detailed information on exercise description, targeted musculature and training videos.

Training Zone

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